Skincare for “Natural Girls” and Men

For natural girls, sometimes we tend to break out more due to the additional product we use to achieve frizz-free curls. What is the best skincare regimen for natural girls with oily skin?

~Kalia S. Atlanta, GA

I always encounter clients with oily skin and clients with curly hair. Remember “oily” is a skin type, that both men and women experience. Nowadays, people are more health conscious, and the trend to have natural “unprocessed” hair is the new normal. First off, if your skin is oily then genetically your hair will be oily too.

My initial answer would be to use another hair product; easy. NOT! Luckily, I understand that it takes time to find the right product that tames and accentuates your curls instead of having your hair look like sheep’s wool.

Hair care products for natural hair are usually very comedeogenic (pore clogging). Products that contain fatty oils, for example olive oil mainly sits on the surface of the skin and creates a barrier that blocks the follicles (pore). Even though the hair products are not directly applied to the face, it eventually travels there via our sweat, headgear or hands touching our face. When the follicles are blocked it causes the oil that would usually be secreted to remain trapped in the follicle. The ending result is a face full of those prickly bumps that the most expensive makeup will not conceal. In worse cases, a face full of oil bumps, pustules, blackheads and a dull complexion.

So, what’s a natural girl/guy to do?

Cleanse: Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acid’s to retard bacterial growth, mildly exfoliate

Exfoliate: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic) they help break down oil (1-2 times weekly , at night)

Mask: Clay or mud based to absorb the oil and sometimes gently exfoliate (1-2 times weekly , at night)

Moisturize: Oil-free (to balance)

Always protect with at least spf 15!

Good luck to achieving a more beautiful skin!

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